Similac® Advance® Complete Nutrition 34 oz.

Similac® Advance® Complete Nutrition 34 oz.
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Similac® Advance®  has EarlyShield® - made with a blend of prebiotics, nucleotides and DHA/ARA for brain and eye development.

In addition to having DHA/ARA, it is the only formula that has Lutein,* an important nutrient babies can only get from breast milk or Similac®. †

It's especially helpful now, during critical brain and eye development.

Complete Nutrition for Your Baby’s First Year

Brain & Eye: 

  • Lutein to support eye health  
  • DHA/ARA for brain & eye development

Immune Support:  

  • Immune supporting nucleotides  
  • Prebiotics for digestive health  

Strong Bones:  

  • Exclusive palm olein oil-free fat blend supports excellent calcium absorption   

*Excluding inherent sources
† Prior to the introduction of solid foods

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